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StarsUp is the #1 Italian portal authorized by Consob for the on-line collection of risk capital by innovative start-ups.

Our activity is the so-called "equity crowdfunding", a new form of on line fundraising ("funding") characterized by being directed to a large number of recipients ("crowd") and offering participatory tools to venture capital ("equity", e.g. shares of Spa or Srl). At the moment, this model only applies to innovative start-ups of technological or social core.

StarsUp was born as a result of a recent and careful analysis of the business system, on which basis we observed that:

  • a large number of unlisted companies, organizations or entrepreneurs, need capital to start and / or develop appropriate entrepreneurial or social projects. Raising capital is the most difficult stage to overcome, even for the most promising initiatives. As a result, many potentially successful companies fail to take off;
  • many investors, professional or otherwise, have financial liquidity (however small the sum) that they would like to invest in business ventures or social campaigns of their liking. This may be for entrepreneurial spirit and / or willingness to be part of a successful initiative, while being a good way to diversify one's business portfolio and get a (possible) future economic benefit. Often, however, they have no knowledge of initiatives that might interest them.

Equity crowdfunding was born to meet these needs.

Here at StarsUp we aim to bring together, through our portal, interesting ideas and people willing to provide them with the necessary financial strength.

StarsUp is run by a group of experienced professionals who work as consultants for both companies and investors, and who can offer the right professional approach for the entire duration of the bidding process and underwriting.

StarsUp can offer professional services during the preparatory phase, the launch, the collection and, finally, in implementing the project.



StarsUp offers the opportunity, through the on-line portal www.starsup.it, to raise venture capital for innovative start-ups, allowing them to publish their projects and set up the collection process. In case of success, meaning that the full amount of capital required is collected, the offer closes and StarsUp is paid a fee, usually based on a percentage of the collected sum.

StarsUp can also support the parties during the stages of raising the capital (from the preparatory phase to the collection itself) as well as during the development and management of the project.

StarsUp, directly or through its professional network, is able to offer support towards the management of the project to:

  • start-ups requiring capital, through the analysis of the project and of the necessary requirements for its publication on the portal, the identification of organizational and corporate activities preparatory to raising the capital, the support in finding professional investors interested in the subscription of the share capital required to start of the collection on-line and, subsequently, the presentation of the project to investors, professional or otherwise, during the bidding phase;
  • investors, through the examination of the information necessary to evaluate the investment and identifying the associated risks, as well as the establishment of channels of communication with the start-up that offers the financial instruments;
  • start-ups that have already raised the needed capital, through the support of start-up activities, strategic analysis, preparation of business plans, evaluation of the control systems, regulatory compliance and regulatory matters.


In the belief that innovation can be a factor of social and economic growth for the Country, we would like to:

  • gather the best of Italian innovation and see it shine, especially in the fields in which our Country is traditionally cutting edge (manufacturing first, but also agri-food, tourism and cultural creativity);
  • promote projects of the "new economy" especially if you can provide a useful service to the community;
  • identify start-up with truly innovative ideas that can conquer the markets.

We aim to walk this path together with the Italian entrepreneurial excellence and with exponents of many fields such as research, social projects, universities and incubators, as well as with the professional world. We seek to provide investors with projects that are understandable but engaging, enthralling and futuristic, while ensuring a reliable legal path before and after the offering.

We would like to put together IDEAS AND PEOPLE WHO CAN MAKE THEM TRUE


Here at StarsUp:

  • we do not hold sums of money belonging to investors;
  • we do not execute orders to the underwriting of the securities offered on our portals: we only transmit them to banks or SIMs;
  • we refrain from making recommendations concerning the financial instruments covered by the individual bids, careful not to influence the regular flow of the investments;
  • we do not spread news that are not consistent with the information published on the portal;
  • we do not prepare initiatives to be taken against issuers if they are non-compliant with the rules of operation of the site, except as it may arise from contractual obligations with them;
  • we do not update subscribers about the performance of their investments once the transaction is completed and they have become full members of the issuer;
  • we do not publish on our website all the offers that are presented for publication;
  • we do not prepare the information on the offer: the issuer is solely responsible for the completeness and accuracy of data and information provided.


For more info see the Regulations or Faq

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