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The portal StarsUp is managed by StarsUp StarsUp s.r.l., established in July 2013 and based in Livorno.
The StarsUp s.r.l. carries out its activities throughout the Country and has developed a professional network, capable of providing a wide range of services to both startups and investors.


StarsUp s.r.l. is the first company to appear in the register of on-line portals for raising venture capital for innovative start-ups, established by Consob.

The reference number for the Consob resolution is #18681 of 10.18.2013.


Matteo Piras, Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is a Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, with a degree in Economics and a Master in Audit and Control at the University of Pisa. He has worked as a professional since 1997, mainly dealing with extraordinary corporate transactions, with a considerable experience in conducting due diligence, in the evaluation of companies and corporate groups, in the assistance to private equity transactions and in the issuance of bonds. Author of several publications, a speaker at seminars and conferences, he has ongoing relationships with the academic world and participates in committees for study and research throughout the Country. Within StarsUp he is mainly engaged in the development of business and communication as well as in the analysis and evaluation of the various projects.

Carlo Piras, counselor. He is a Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, with a degree in Economics and Commerce at the University of Cagliari. He has worked as a professional since 1995 and has gained significant experience in corporate, tax and financial consulting. For several years he has collaborated with major accounting firms and has held positions in audit committees of financial and industrial companies. He is an expert in crisis management and business strategy. Within StarsUp he is mainly engaged with everything concerning the portal as well as in the management of relationships with financial partners and investors.

Alessandro Scutti, counselor. He is a Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, with a degree in Economics and Commerce at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", and a Master in Audit and Control at the University of Pisa. He has worked as a professional for twenty years, first as an auditor and later as a company management consultant. Within StarsUp he focuses on organization, strategy and marketing, and follows the development of entrepreneurial initiatives.


The StarsUp portal is managed by a team that can offer the right professional approach for the entire duration of the bidding process and underwriting, including preparatory activities. We also ensure that the potential success of the fundraising is followed by an effective start-up and development of the project.

Aware of the peculiar nature of this financial activity, we ensure that some “critical” areas are especially dealt with, therefore specific measures have been taken and appropriate procedures activated, in order to:

  • inform the investors about funding innovative startups;
  • reduce and manage the risk of fraud;
  • ensure the proper handling of personal data and information received by investors, in compliance with the Legislative Decree n.196 of June 30th 2003;
  • manage conflicts of interest;
  • deal promptly with complaints;
  • handle the possibility of revocation and withdrawal;
  • manage the resolution of disputes out of court.
StarsUp collaborates with:
  • C2 studio


StarsUp does not handle subscription orders for the securities being offered through the portal, but only takes care of transmitting them to banks or authorized investment firms.
Therefore, at the time of signing, the financial relationship is established only between the investor and the start-up, through a bank or an authorized investment firm.


StarsUp is the first platform specifically authorized by Consob, following the opening of the crowdfunding equity market. The authorization comes as a result of a special investigation.

Italy is the first Country to have regulated the activity of equity crowdfunding through specific legislation drawn by the supervisory body in the securities market.

Being the first platform specifically authorized for this activity by that very body, we may consider StarsUp a "pioneer" in this field, with all the guarantees of reliability and compliance that this entails for investors and issuers.

We at StarsUp believe that the process of raising venture capital by an innovative startup is a good opportunity for those who are looking to invest, as well as being a mean of contributing to the revival of the economic and social system of the Country. We, too, see innovation as "a structural factor of sustainable growth and of enhancement of the competitiveness between enterprises "(from the Explanatory Report to the Italian "Growth Decree").


SceChoosing StarsUp means:

for startups:
  • an “innovative” platform and leader in the market;
  • a team of professionals that helps you to evaluate the project;
  • a simple way for raising capital;
  • a catchment area of professional investors who may be interested in your project;
  • “reasonable” cost, always benchmarked to the service provided;
  • remarkable visibility for your project;
  • a nationwide network of professionals;
  • the advantage of being assisted before, during and after the fundraising;
  • the chance of becoming part of a stimulating community, generating endless opportunities;
for the investors:
  • maximum transparency on all the informations, especially the risks of investing;
  • a simple access to invest in interesting projects;
  • a portfolio of projects that is always up to date;
  • a team of professionals following the various stages of the project on which you invest;
  • no subscription fee for the investors;
  • the Consob authorization;
  • the chance of becoming part of a stimulating community, generating endless opportunities.

With StarsUp you can AIM HIGH


StarsUp, among the first platforms to operate on the Italian market on the basis of an explicit authorization by Consob, is an integral part of said market.

StarsUp is building strong relationships with the Italian entrepreneurial excellence and with exponents of many fields such as research, social projects, universities and incubators, as well as with the professional world. We aim to provide investors with projects that are understandable but engaging, enthralling and futuristic, while ensuring a reliable legal path before and after the offering.

StarsUp works or cooperates, among others, with:

  • Banco Popolare
  • Associazione Parchi Scientifici e Tecnologici Italiana (APSTI)
  • Università di Pisa
  • LugoNextLab
  • D-namic
  • Associazione Italiana Equity Crowdfunding
  • Premio Best Practices per l'Innovazione
  • All Start Game
  • Make a Cube
  • Legalefacile.com
  • Enne3 - Incubatore di Novara
  • workinvoice.it
  • Crowdfest
  • Umbria Risorse s.p.a.
  • WyLab - Sport Tech Incubator
  • CNA - Premio Cambiamenti
  • Confartigianato Digitale

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